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Rudraksha Mala 5 Mukhi In Copper Cap (Nepal rudraksha)

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  •  Rudraksh Mala Quality of Gold Plating & Length Varies
  •  Length: 28 inches, Mala is long enough to wear or remove over the head
  •  5 mm Diameter Beads are throughout the Rudraksha Mala
  •  Best Product & price for you in this category. Buy & Feel the Quality
  •  Stay As It Is, Very Demandable, Light weight, Easy to wear

Why this mala?

  • By using this Rudraksha mala health, wealth, beauty shines like the sun. 
  • Replace negative vibes from the positive one.
  • This Rudraksha mala helps in eliminating poverty and replace it with wealth. 
  • This Rudraksha mala will help you to build a great concentration, focus, power.
  • This Rudraksha mala will help you to make a connection with the eternal.


How to use Rudraksha Mala? 

  • To make sure its full potential enegry, you can use it on monday (or any day) and chant "Om Namah Shivaay" Atleas 108 times.
  • Don't hang it on door backs and on nails.
  • Take a proper bath before handeling it.
  • Don't consume any kind of non veg food or drink while wearing it.
  • alot a place for rudraksha, don't just keep it. Keep it with delicacy and treat it nice.
  • Keep it on a soft surface or in/on towel.